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Subject: What the big whales will never tell you

I know you have been brainwashed that you need thousands of dollars before you can launch your very own digital product.

Some gurus even go to the extent of claiming that it is not possible to launch a digital product without a big-shot partner.

You can’t expect them to tell you the truth because you will be cutting out a piece of the big cake.

However, the fact is that you can create a digital product right from the comfort of your living room and make a life earning without seeing the sky.

I know some top digital marketers and vendors will be mad at this information being shared but the truth must be told.

In this course, he unleashed the methods and secrets top product creators use in creating digital products without any coding.

Without any programming or high-technical skills, you can become a product creator with help of the information in this course.

This product is about to set the internet on fire because new sets of millionaires are about to be made.

Just your laptop and internet connection and you are good. What is he charging for the course?

Judging from the context of the course, I was expecting around $1997.

But guess what? It is not even up to $497.

This might be the only chance you have to gain financial freedom for life.

Anticipate my next email to gain access


Subject: This e-mail can change your life forever.

Hi, If you have been following my emails perfectly you will know my primary aim is to make sure you are financially free.

Introducing… First Launch Profits

First Launch Profits is a digital marketing solution created for newbies and professionals who want to launch a digital product or earn money while sleeping.

This product is created to teach you how to research, develop and launch your own digital product within days, no gimmicks.

The methods that are taught in this course are mind-blowing

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I know you are not a programmer; neither do you need programming skills to set this up.

Just your computer, internet connection and you are ready to go.

Who knew creating a product can be this easy? All thanks to Hafsteinn Thor Thordarson

Getting this product is just like winning a jackpotn

Get your share of the big deal right here:


See you at the top, SIGN OFF

Subject: The Big Gurus all have this - and so must you

An average digital product creator can make thousands of dollars within his first week of product launch

I am sure you have read related stories on the internet; it is not overhyped, it is 100% possible.

Getting a copy of this course will make you discover the EXACT method top internet marketers are using to make 5 figures every day with just a product launch.

You don’t have to be left out because all you need is within you.

This is an opportunity to kick-start your long-awaited project.

A proven step-by-step method to bring your ideas to life and make you financially independent for life.

A proven step-by-step method to bring your ideas to life and make you financially independent for life.

You don’t need to learn any programming language or be an IT guy to have your share of the cake.

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Subject: Earn a salary for life...on autopilot

One of the advantages of launching a digital product is that you can earn money even while you are still in your pajamas.

All you need to do is to create a product (easier than you think), list it and watch affiliate marketers working for you ad bring you money.

Which job can be more comfortable and fulfilling like this? I have not seen any… have you?

The advantages of selling digital or information products (e-books, reports, audios, videos, software, apps) are:

You earn money without having to swap your time (very scalable)

There is little to no manufacturing cost

There is no shipping cost

There is no inventory cost (only server cost which is very affordable)

All of these means there is a very high profit margin and lots of money to be made.

The information you need to kick-start your millionaire journey is right here

The information you need to kick-start your millionaire journey is right here

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Use one of the top designer in the Industry.
To create jaw-dropping sales VIDEO.

I’m really excited because I just found a NEW resource that will help you with creating marketing videos.

For years, this guy has been working in advertising agencies and internet companies making online videos and graphics.

Now he is offering his experience to YOU.

Each of the temlates are custom designed and hand crafted.

Part of getting visitors to convert into buyers is having video and graphics that GRABS the visitors attention.

>> See what everybody is talking about

Created by a Designer – For Marketers.

He will also hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through his product to help you get the hang of this simple process to make high-converting sales videos!

>> Check out his amazing product

Seriously this is a VIDEOCANNON in your marketing arsenal.

It’s …smoking hot.

Sign off.